Shaolin Warriors

Shaolin Warriors

PMA Productions Ltd are delighted to have been offered the exclusive rights to a NEW Shaolin Warriors show for a proposed tour to the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany and Austria for Autumn 2017/Spring 2018.

Shaolin Warriors

Direct from China

The legendary Shaolin Warriors will triumphantly return to the world with a brand new image. Shaolin Warriors – The Legend Continues, an upgraded version produced in 2016, highlights thrilling martial arts prowess alongside the enlightening Zen.

Shaolin Warriors

The Legend Continues is more than a Kung Fu show. A strength-through-adversity story is told in this breathtaking extravaganza following the journey from two children’s initiation into a historical monastery to achieving fully fledged warrior status.

Since its original version was produced in the year of 2000, Shaolin Warriors has held millions of audiences around the world gasping in disbelief at the awe-inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and death-defying feats – from the unmatched ensemble synchronization to the proficiency in the disciplined use of 18 traditional weapons.

Shaolin Warriors – The Legend Continues.

The newest updated version of the show, has brilliantly fused stunning Kung Fu feats with Zen culture highlighted by the world-class 3D visual effects, atmospheric music, masterful choreography and beautiful lighting.

Shaolin Warriors, highly acclaimed as “Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons” live on stage, is definitely a must-see for family audiences and martial arts lovers alike.

“… they combine the agility and grace of the showmanship of Cirque du Soleil performers.” The Washington Post

“An extravaganza of Kung Fu mastery, enchanting music, beautiful lighting, the Shaolin Warriors proved that when it comes to family entertainment, China’s Got Talent.” Edinburgh Evening News

“…(for) anyone seeking rip-roaring entertainment with a dab of spiritual enlightenment” The West Australian

“…makes for a dazzling spectacle, as was evident when the Shaolin Warriors packed the Hummingbird Centre for two shows!” The Toronto Star

“IT was a knock-out performance. The troupe of terracotta warriors stunned its audience with displays of speed, strength and skill bringing the Jet Li movies to life.” Nottingham Evening Post

“A magnificent showcase of human strength that tested the very limits of our reason, the Shaolin Warriors show was simply spectacular.” Aberdeen Evening Express

“… the whole show leaves you amazed and breathless.” Nottingham Post

“…left the spellbound audience on their feet clapping and shouting for more.” Combat Magazine, UK

“The Chinese martial arts legends fuse ancient spirituality with mind-boggling athletic dexterity to produce a genuinely spectacular event” The Northern Echo

“They gave a virtuoso performance of incredible athleticism and stunning strength, as well as a remarkable display of death-defying stunts that has the audience wincing.” Jersey Evening Posts

shoalin warriors on stage

"the ultimate display of theatre and deadly physical prowess"